Frank Farmer

Frank Farmer, nephew of the late film star Frances Farmer, is a professional actor and award-winning playwright whose plays have been produced in Los Angeles-area theaters, including the American Renegade Theatre Company, the Zeitgeist Theatre Company, Theatre West, Lonny Chapman’s Group Repertory Theatre and the Long Beach Playhouse.

A California “native son” born in Glendale, he received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in Seattle and his master’s from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Frank’s many film and television acting credits are listed here on IMDB. His theater credits include off-Broadway, national tours, and regional dinner theatre in Texas, Colorado and Florida.

Frank is currently semi-retired, a very active scuba diver and sailor. He sails his Catalina 30 with his wife and daughter and fellow members of the Navy Yacht Club of Long Beach.

Full-length plays

Aging With Grace | Winner, Long Beach Playhouse New Works Competition

A retired screenwriter gets into a rocky relationship with the widow of a film critic who savaged his work. Romantic comedy, 5m/2w, single set, 78 pages.

Old Flames

A middle-aged man has an almost-affair with a young girl who reminds him of an “old flame” from his youth. Romantic comedy, 4m/3w, suggested locations, 65 pages.

Lady on Fire | Produced at Theatre West, Los Angeles

A female talk-show host is on a determined mission to keep her soon-to-be ex husband from cheating her out of her share of their substantial estate. Comedy, 5m/1w, suggested locations, 48 pages.



And Baby Makes Four

A young lesbian’s decision to have a child by a father of her choice is thwarted when he refuses to donate to a sperm bank, nearly forcing her to conceive “conventionally,”  much to the annoyance of her older partner.  Drama, 1m/2w, suggested locations, 22 pages.

Darling Darlene

A film director attempts to seduce his illegitimate young daughter – an attempt that threatens to cost him his life. Drama, 1m/2w, a condominium living room, 21 pages.

George and Bella

A confrontation in a city park between an apparent homeless man and a black actress which nearly results in her being raped by a gang of graffiti taggers. Drama, 3m/1w, a city park, 21 pages.

Mad Leo | Produced at American Renegade Theatre Company, North Hollywood

A psychiatrist treats the ravings of a homicidal maniac. Drama, 2 men, a bare room in a hospital for the mentally ill, 24 pages

“…Not to Be…” | Produced at Theatre 40, Beverly Hills

A professional actor’s nightmare audition. Dramedy, 2 men, 1 woman, bare stage of a theatre, 13 pages.

Roxanne and Red Dog

A homeless troubadour tries to keep a grieving woman from ending her life. Serio-comedy, 3m/1w, a city park, 14 pages.

Under Forty | Produced at Theatre Geo, Los Angeles

A fifty-ish man seeks a relationship with a woman under age forty. Comedy, 3m/1w, suggested locations, 14 pages.



10-minute plays

Closing Time

A recovering alcoholic attempts to stop a fellow alcoholic from drinking again as he grieves over his wife’s murder. Drama, 3m/1w, a neighborhood bar.

Cross Words, Dirty Deeds

A fading actor hires a hit man to kill his wealthy wife – an arrangement that backfires. Drama, 3m/1w, a condo living room.


Two empty-nesters rejoice at their freedom from their offspring and plan for the rest of their lives – a plan that drives the husband nearly insane. Serio-comedy, 1m/1w, a living room.


A TV reality show host interviews two felons “on the lam.” Serio-comedy, 1m, 2w, 2 chairs.

Living Will

A successful actor, suffering from HIV, wants his son to terminate his life to avoid terminal suffering. Drama, 2m, a living room.

Roxanne and Red Dog

A homeless troubadour tries to keep a grieving woman from ending her life. Serio-comedy, 1m/1w, a city park.

Verna’s Last Gig

A soap opera star tries to convince a troubled fan that she’s not the person she portrays on TV, but to no avail. Drama, 2w, suggestion of a train station.

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