John Lane

John Lane is a member of two playwriting groups in Orange County, California: New Voices Playwrights Workshop (founding member) and OC Playwrights Alliance.  During the past 10 years, several of his short plays have been produced in various venues in Orange County.  He studied playwriting at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa, and sitcom and screenplay writing at AFI in Hollywood. He is  also a member of Alliance of LA Playwrights (ALAP) and the Dramatists Guild. He is currently president of New Voices Playwrights.

Some of his short plays have been selected for productions at these venues: the Gene Frankel Theatre in NYC (Dec.’05); Little Fish Theatre in San Pedro California (Jan. ’07); Flint City Theatre in Flint Michigan (Jan. ’06), Stages Theatre in Fullerton, CA and Cedar Lane Stage (Bethesda, MD) in July 2006.  Recently some short plays have had productions at the Stages Theatre (Fullerton, CA), Hunger Artists Theatre (also in Fullerton), Doric Theatre (Hollywood), Gallery Theatre (Anaheim) in Dec. ’07, Shelterbelt Theatre (Omaha) Jan.-Feb.’08), Algonquin Theatre (NYC, Apr.’08), Revolution Theatre (Chicago, Aug. ’08), Hayworth Theatre (Los Angeles, Nov.-Dec.’08.) and Cabrillo Playhouse (San Clemente, CA Dec.’08), Algonquin Theatre, (NYC, Mar.’09) and Royal Theatre (NYC, May ’09).

 His full-length comedy, “Good Breeding,”  received first Prize in Scripteasers 2006 Play Contest (San Diego) and received a reading there. In November  2007 it received a public reading at the Royal Theatre on the Queen Mary in Long Beach sponsored by Panndora Productions.

Contact John, New Voices’ president, at or

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  1. Scott Samson says:

    Omg some of the same talented faces! Hi John, I live in Chicago and had plays performed at Chicago Dramatists so far, But primarily working on MA in Counseling Psychology and then hopefully my Pay D at Adler. Doing work with gay kids I interview about bullying from improvised theater game which is about them bringing their non hate play to Equality House (the home painted in rainbows by anti hate groups) and performing it there. Working on creating a non profit for it as it is educational, inspiring change in social justice and it us ethnically diverse since 20 year olds are playing the kids (Why? The Midwest. Religion. And some are hustlers)’ Rewarding play. Something Orange County can handle if Indiana can. So how the he’ll are you????? I adore Chicago and how to get married to my partner when it’s legal here.

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