Lynne Bolen

Since 1999, Lynne Bolen has been active with New Voices Playwrights Theatre as a playwright, director, producer and actor, and she serves as treasurer on the Board of Directors. She was a member of the former Vanguard Theatre Ensemble.

Lynne’s plays have been produced at the Stage Door Repertory Theatre, Arizona State University, University of Rhode Island, MUZEO, OC Pavilion Performing Arts Center, Empire Theatre, Chance Theater, Vanguard Theatre, Gallery Theatre, STAGEStheatre, Cabrillo Playhouse, and Mysterium Theater. Some of her plays produced by New Voices include “Christmas Bells,” “Christmastime Machine,” For Better or for Worse,” “Due Diligence,” “Past, Future and Christmas Present,” “Gifts of Magic,” “The Merry Book Club,” “A Christmas Kris,” “Small Change,” “Baggage Game,” “Assumptions,” “The Gift of Christmas,” “Spanish Masters,” “Winners,” “Rudolph’s Folly,” “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” “Kitchen Cuisine,” “True Confessions” and “Holiday Hodgepodge.”

 Lynne’s play “Assumptions” is included in “Best American Short Plays 2011-2012,” published by Applause Books, and her play “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is featured in “Best American Short Plays 2013-2014.” Her playSpanish Masters” is included in “New Voices Playwrights Annual Anthology 2014,” and her play “Winners” is featured in the “New Voices Playwrights Annual Anthology 2015.”

 Lynne has directed more than 50 plays for New Voices and other theatrical productions. As an actor, she has appeared in numerous stage productions and award winning films.

Contact Lynne, New Voices’ treasurer, at


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